Saturday, November 8, 2014

Pagan Prejudice? (and OOTD)

Pagan Prejudice? (and OOTD)

Pagan Prejudice? (and OOTD)

Pagan Prejudice? (and OOTD)

Pagan Prejudice? (and OOTD)

Pagan Prejudice? (and OOTD)

Those buildings, & what would a small town do?

  We have decided against the building that we were looking at as it turns out that the apartment above has been sold separately now, and that's not fair to Kierstyn, being 10, to be stuck at the store all the time, and when she gets older, to feel like she is at home all the time alone. She needs to have access to her room, and having friends over while we are running the stores. And that's a tall order these days to get a hold of. There is another just on the other corner that we are interested in, but there are high monthly fees to be in that spot in town. ((rolls eyes)) But still keeping it in thought. There is another building in a complete different area that we are considering, but it won't be a spot where people will just pass by and go in. Now the RC store doesn't need that as people find where your at, and they will go to you if your good, because, well, that's just how that type of business works. For me however, the gallery needs that sight upon passing.... So therefor, I will have to advertise, advertise, advertise, so people will know where I am, and that I am there. I won't be just near any shopping areas. So..... it may work.... but not real sure. We have been offered a chance at a place in a small town near Salina that is near the highway. And near bigger towns as well as being near Salina too. It would sounds like it could be a good deal.... Problem is... No grant, as its out of Salina..... and being in a rather small place.... Will the town except the haunted dolls, tarot cards, along with the art, in the gallery. Carrying nude art and dark art as well as all other types of art..... Will they be okay with me, a pagan. When you get into very small communities, they usually do not except anyone different, and will go back to the dark ages of witch burnings, destroying your property, hurting your animals, children..... They can be quite evil to those who serve no harm to anyone. Though it would be a great spot near the highway. I wonder about the town and would have to learn more about them.

  If its safe, I may really think about this. This sounds like a good thing that we may look into. If its not safe, then that is really to bad, and we will continue to look.

         Trying to decide on whats best, signing out Stefanie Lynn

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Taking only a good slight turn....

  So, I have decided that I will have art from around the world. But I am still a huge community artist supporter. Though I have worked hard to get Kansas artists only, and I have gotten some great ones... I still am finding it a bit more of a challenge then I thought it would be. Though I still want to mainly have Kansas art, and I will always have room for another local artist... I decided that there is just to many great artists around the world that I am finding, that would really add to our little town of Salina. As much as I am a community supporter, I also want to bring in the beauty from around the world as well. So even though the gallery is taking a bit of a turn, its not to much of a turn. Just enough to bring in some extra beauty, but not enough to drown out our Kansas and community support. I really think that this will add to us a great deal.

Loving the idea, Stefanie Lynn

Friday, October 17, 2014

Have you tried to email me?

  If you have tried to email me, and I have not gotten back with you, please try to PM me on my FB. I do have it here on the blog in contacts. My email is out of control. I am getting about 100 to 200 emails a day, between FB, 4 Blogs, Twitter activity.... and everyone emailing me as well as the school too. And then there are all the other things I belong to, and buy from that also send email by the bucket loads. I can't possibly get through them all and have been trying. But its to much. So if you really want me to notice you, PMing me on FB right now will help me get to you fast, as well as help bring down the emails while I try to sift through it all and get it manageable again.

Thank you for your understanding, signing out, Stefanie Lynn

Decisions, changing my mind, and rethinking again.....

  I think I know where I am going to be getting my pendulums from. So am feeling better at getting that out of the way. However, still searching for a tarot card supplier. I thought I had one for a bit, but not sure if I want to go with that one if I can find another. I have also come up with some great things for my Dark Arts room, and am confident that I am going to be able to make that an amazing room!!

  I have been able to get some items in for the gallery and am excited to have items gathering and waiting for the opening. I don't want to give away ALL the things that will be there, so won't give away details, but I will give you a sneak peak.... We will also have some rather old dolls to help make everything look nice. And those dolls will be for sell too, as I will just find more if people want them.

  Trying to come up with all sorts of ideas on how to come up with extra rooms has not been easy. I keep changing my mind on how I want to go about doing this. Decisions, decisions..... Its become a constant thought as to how to pull this off. So if you see me looking dazed out, don't worry, I'm just busy changing my mind again.....

     Signing out, Stefanie Lynn