Monday, September 15, 2014

Office chairs, what a find!!

  So we got these chairs...... OUR NEW OFFICE CHAIRS!! YAY!! Okay, so they aren't new. And they aren't office chairs. But they are new to us, and we can use them for our office chairs! Well, at the desk while working chairs really..... We just saw them, and decided that they were for us. They have wheels, so it will be easy to move them out of the way when dealing with customers. So we got them before someone else did. We loaded them in the van and was all smiles all the way home as we are just that much closer to having the things we need for our shops!! Upon getting them out, we decided to try them out real quick. OH MY GOD, WE SCORED!! They swivel!!! That is amazing! The little kid in me squealed for joy at all the fun of spinning we can do in these chairs. Then we sat and found..... THEY ROCK!! Really!! We were having so much fun, YES, we scored!! AND they are so comfortable!! Like crazy awesome comfortable!! That's great because the guys have so much time of sitting and fixing and putting together RC trucks, that while they are fixing them, they need to be thinking about what they are doing, not thinking about being uncomfortable. That can turn anyone irritable to have to work that way. As for me, I do a lot of art, and can now sit comfortably at my desk while doing it. And then KM, who does her fair share of art, can also sit with me and do her own amazing things right next to me!! So ya, pretty excited about this one!! For now, they will go down in our basement offices. But when the shops open, they will be there, as that will be our new work space.

  However, while being greatful for our recent add to the shops, Kaleb starts to think he's funny.... Well, I showed him...... I think.......
I don't know..... I don't think either one of us won.... LOL, he's my little butt head, the best son anyone could ever have!!
 A happy day!! Signing out, Stefanie Lynn

When painting RC's go wrong

  The guys were working on RC's today. Decided to paint a body that they needed to get done. I told them they should do yellow on this one cause it would make it look like a school bus, lol.... Even though they disagree on the whole school bus thing, they went with the yellow. It was a good choice cause I think it was coming out quite nicely.
  Then.... they noticed that the paint was bubbling and running really bad. Not good at all. They then found that other people who chose today to paint RC's were having the same problem. So at first, thinking they got a bad can of paint, turned out it must be something in the atmosphere, as that does happen.
Off came the paint.......
and now.........
to paint again another day, to see if we have better luck......
But now the guys are thinking that they may leave it this way cause they think it came out pretty cool. Me, I would paint it again, but what do I know. Its their truck and they have to be happy with it. I say if they like it, then leave it........ But I would paint it :)
A painting wonder, signing out, Stefanie Lynn

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Calling all Kansas Doll Makers!!

  Calling all Kansas doll makers!! I have been looking for some artists that are doll makers that would be interested in putting some of their dolls in the gallery. However, you all are hard to find!! Would love to have some art dolls that would say something about the talent in our state. Each piece will have the artist name with them and a contact to the artist as well. If you want to be apart of the art that Lead Creatures is wanting to put forward, then please email me with a pic of your work and we will talk.
Thank you for your time, signing out, Stefanie Lynn

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Dr. Who and artists that will bring him to us


 As a huge HUGE Dr. Who fan, we of course gather around the t.v. on Saturday nights to watch the all time amazing Dr. Who!! Tonights episode is especially exciting as it is just so up my alley!! I love the history to this show and the love of it that has kept it going all these years. This Dr. Who is so great..... that you can't help but to even love the bad guys as well. My favorites, are the angels!! The are just awesome!!

  Over the years, I have fallen in love with each doctor, and loved each of his traveling partners. Regardless how many he would have at any given time. And just as I was sad to see each of the doctors go, I was also sad when his partners left, but was ready to embrace the next. Each one making their foot step that everyone would remember for a life time. The great Dr. Who!!
  I hope to find some artists that will draw or paint out or any other art that has to do with the Dr. Who!! I hope that I will be able to carry Dr. Who art. I also am hoping to find someone that can knit out the amazing Dr. Who scarf that we all love so much!! And we gotta have the cool bow tie!! I mean, come on.... Who couldn't love the amazing Dr. Who, who saves our wonderful planet every day and never asks for anything in return. This man is my hero!!

  Now gonna finish tonights episode, signing out, Stefanie Lynn

Friday, September 12, 2014

Teacher Parent Conference, pushing the limits

  Yesterday was teacher parent conference. Kierstyn is doing so well in school!! She amazes me so much every day! I am so proud of her.

  After the conference, we went to the book fair. I was pointing out some books that I thought she would really like. She says to me, that's not in my reading level, Mom. I tell her, So, you should at least try it.
"But I can't read it!" She is getting upset with me cause she feels that I'm not listening. So as she starts to get into a fit like state because she wants me to stop pushing something she thinks she can't do, I grab one off the shelf, open it in the middle of the book, point to a paragraph, and say, Yes you can, read this. She won't even look at it. Yes you can, I tell her, just read this right here. Finally she decides to appease me and is going to prove me wrong. So she starts reading. Then she reads a little more. She suddenly get this sparkle in her eye and looks at me. I was so proud of her. I said, see, you can read above your grade level. Don't ever let anyone limit you. Not people, not signs, not anything. You don't know what you can do unless you push the limits. She said, ya, you have to push the limits! So then she was looking at books 2 levels over her own, and was excited about being able to read bigger books. Her self confidence went up, and it was great to be apart of that. To see that glimmer of realization about herself.

  Always testing the limits, and proud to teach my children this too, signing out, Stefanie Lynn

Monday, September 8, 2014

To the gallery, from Rosa!!

  Tonight is a happy night!! Happy, Happy Night!! And all thanks to my friend, Rosa!! See, this girl right here!! Ya, that one. That lady all pretty RIGHT THERE!!
Ya, that's my friend, who I just got my first piece of furniture from, for my shop!! A really nice dresser!! I can't believe how nice it is!! I am going to fix it up and make it even nicer!

Oh look, there she is with her husband. She has the nicest husband ever!! What a lucky guy to have a woman like my friend, Rosa!!

And check that out!! There I am with the dresser!! Isn't it cool!! This is so crazy awesome!!

  Getting my first piece of furniture to display art on makes this feel so real. I mean, I can say it all day that I have a shop going up. But when you get that first piece that you need for display, it is so much more real that its really happening!! OH MY GOD, ITS HAPPENING!! I'M GOING TO HAVE A GALLERY, STEFANIE STYLE!!

  Thank you Rosa for the dresser! You really are a great friend to have!!

Signing out with all sorts of excitement, Stefanie Lynn

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