Sunday, April 6, 2014

Children growing up!!

Watching my children grow up, is a wonderful thing. As much as it is moment after moment that I keep in my heart.... My heart breaks at the thought that they are moving out and moving on. When you think about being a parent, you think about the babies and the diapers and the swing set in the back yard and painting their room in their favorite colors. You think of all the things you do when they are little to prepare them for adult hood.... But what you don't think of is, them actually leaving the nest. Getting in their first car and the candles you light that you just want them to survive the day out on the road. The thought of them going to college, where they can do what they want and you have to realy trust that they will do what they need to... And the thought of all the dangers that can come from being on their own and the more candles that are lit in their favor as you think about it. You quickly start to plan little family field trips as you realize you are losing time with them.... And then you realize.... you are THAT parent... The one that is making lame things to do that your sure everyone will have fun at, and yet, they are tollerating you as you keep them from their friends where they realy want to be. They are fighting for their freedom and your fighting for some time with them before they move on and don't ever have time for you anymore in their fast growing life, and your trying to figure out what your supposed to do now...

Watching my children grow has been rewarding... But watching them get ready to leave soon, is so hard. There isn't much to prepare you for this like other changes in life. When your having a baby, there are many books and classes, when you get married, there are all kinds of books on that too. Want to buy a house? All sorts of places to go to for information before you take this on. But when its time for your kids to grow up.... There is no information on how to deal with the crush of major emotions the day you wake up and figure out..... your baby is about to realy go into the world.

How ever I go about this as each one is different, I just hope that my kids can forgive my dorkiness and know that I love them....

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Guinea Pigs out my ears!!

Okay, so I only have 2 piggies. But they are great! I recently got Moon. I have been working with her as she is about 2 years old and her little nails were grwn into her little foot pads. Her skin and hair was just horrid looking and feeling. But her hair and skin is getting better. I don't have her nails as clipped back as I would like to see them be, but at least they are not poking into her feet anymore. She is so cute. I have read up, and found that she has what is called bumble feet. We are soaking her in ebsom salt to bring it down, I hope it works. She was supposed to be a he.... but turns out that she is a she... at least so far we think so.... B-MO, we have had about 6 months... he is such a sweetie....

So anyway, love the piggies and hoping Moon gets better. Sorry its been a while, just had some things going on....

Gonna see what I can put around Moons cage to help her heal....



Tuesday, February 4, 2014


  Ah, the days of childhood when we celebrated snow days!! My youngest was jumping for joy. Crowded in the house all together as not only are schools shutting down but a lot of work places are also telling people not to come to work. Mine wasn't one of them... but being worried about how bad it would be when its time to go, and thoughts of being stranded at my job.... well, that kept me from going in today. Glad I have the next two days off already.

  My dogs have given the finger to old man winter today... They are waiting till they can't hold it anymore before dashing out with their legs crossed.... Then right back in they come. And if you are not right there to let them back in the second they are ready.. They are writing their will, leaving their toys and bones to the guinea pig, as they are sure they are done.

  Well, I hope everyone out there is doing well with this weather. Stay warm and don't get on the highway unless you have to... and even then.. see if you don't have to.. Red Jasper is a good stone to keep in your car while your out in this weather. Its a good stone for traveling, it protects against hazards at night time. All in all.... its a protecting type stone. So, be safe.

  So, hey, CHEERS!! Well, why not? Working tomorrow is out for most of us and the kids are sleeping in, no getting the kids up for school.. So why not kick out a few drinks for fun along with the some cards? Keep twister in the closet though.....

~Stefanie Lynn

Monday, February 3, 2014

Just let it be ME!!!!!!!!

  Okay... So being angry about not getting much done today doesn't help me a bit... still am though.... ((pouty face)) But heres the deal.. I have been sitting here, thinking and thinking and thinking.... being angry at my computer and well.... I'm thinking...

  See, I have had blogs before... They did pretty well. Its been a while, but I had fun with them. I decided to put up a blog about my art. Then found others that would put theirs up as well. I don't know if they will, if minds have been changed or if life is just getting in the way.... and that can happen!! But either way.. doing a blog on a gallery I decided to make it not so personal.... problem is, I hate it not being able to realy put me in it. Its also hard when you know people are so bossy on how you "should" be, verses how you are but, you know what.. I'm not wrong with how I am!! I know that frontward, backward, upsidedown and right side up!! People are just going to have to live with that and the fact that how THEY 'should' be, is not looking down on good people and understanding that there are religions of ALL kinds.... and more importantly, lots of us are not any religion at all. And thats okay. and of trying to be all neutral on this blog for the sake of the gallery.....  I am going to be, instead, who I am for the better sake of the gallery. I am who I am. Good people will understand that and people who are truly friends will stay that way. I only care to surround myself with people that understand these things.... So why not let it show here too.

  So...... Just let it be me!!!!!! I'm going to just be me!!!!!!! And I am going to let this blog reflect who I am too!! If I am going to have a blog, I'm gonna have fun with it! Who wants to come back to a boring drag anyway. And I know people have.... but I am sure that even those people will enjoy a blog with personality more then what it has been.....

  I am still going to announce changes with the art and things like that. But I am going to start writing the thoughts and joys and ponderings that go on in this house. So before to long, I will start a facelift on the blog as well...... If its gonna be here.... lets enjoy it!!!!!

  So for a beginning.... I have a job outside of my home and I do work hard. Yes, if you had not figured it out yet, I am a pagan. No, I am not in any real religion. In its own sence, I am a witch in training, so to speak.... I am an artist and I LOVE children!! I have 2 dogs and a guienea pig that are just as cute as can be!! Love them!! I love being around the sweet people I consider my friends. I am lucky to work in a place where most of the people there are very sweet.. I'm glad I get to work with them!! I hate mean people. I have 3 children that I love very much and I look 20 years younger then what I am....

  They say the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.... and it is. Never wish to look so much younger then what you are. The public ((you)) treat me and people who also look so much younger then what they are like crap our whole life. You don't get it, but you do. So don't wish for that, okay.... it sucks. If we wear clothes for our age, we get ridiculed by you for "trying to grow up to fast" and wearing clothes for the age we look, we get told by people who know us that we are dressing to young. If we try to be nice and say something to you (the public) we get shot back with comments like, "you don't get to have an opinion till your at least 30" and I respond back, "Well how about 41, is that okay for you?" Or I get told about some event that happened in 1975 along with the comment, "before you were even thought of" So I then have to say, "I was 3 years old then, so yes, I was thought of" People tell me they have children my age so I need to listen to them as they recite that they have a daughter or son in their 20's.... again, I have to let them know that I also have a child that age and I'm old enouph to be their childs parent. And then theres the ones that treat me like I'm lieing....

  Sorry, had to throw that whole thing out there and now I may feel better for a while after a day of the computer not working for me......... I think I'm realy feeling better.... lol.... YAY!!

  Okay, so anyway, I'm gonna start reraly letting you all know whats on my mind and we will make this a fun gallery!! Right?? Right!!

So come back for some fun reading, or grouchy reading, or whatever I'm feeling here and there, and don't forget to look at the art and save up your dollars for it too!!

~Stefanie Lynn

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super bowl night!!

  Super bowl night has been wonderful for my house hold as we were going crazy all night for my Seahawks!! I never thought I would see my guys go to super bowl, and we not only made it, but we kicked ever liven butt!! Yay, it was awsome!!

  I know, I have been very busy and neglected the blog a bit... sorry about that. But I am here. Have been switching things in and out of the shop in the mall. I am going to spend tomorrow updating this blog. I still need to get some new pics up, and I will have to work on that too. It may be late before its done, but hopfully not. It kind of depends on how the day goes.

  I am going to start to carry gems and stones for healing and other helpful energies and things like that as well. If I run low, I will be able to tell you when I get my next batch in. Sometime this year I would also like to start selling tarot cards and pendants as well.

  I am thinking about maybe adding christain art as well as having the other religions as well. This has been a very hard thing for me to figure out on if I should do this or not. Christianity has realy hurt my family. A LOT.... But.. They are not the only religion to use their symbols... And I think it will help me heal if I don't let them get to me so much after what I have been through. But I also may not do as much for them symply because you can go about anywhere to find the items they like to buy. Its harder to find pegan type art and supplies. So its still all a toss up, but for now, this is where I think I am headed....

  I hope everyone had as great of a super bowl night as I have had! Spending this night with my family made it even better!!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 pieces on their way!!

I have started on some 2014 pieces. Getting the new year on its way.... Hopefully, soon I will have new artists to post about. With the holidays out of the way, There is some hope of new art starting on its way in their homes as well..... In the mean time..... down comes the tree soon... I'm not so sure I am ready for it to come down yet...

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone had a great New Years!! First day of the year, and its clowdy and snowing here in Kansas.... Makes you want to just stay inside. Happy New Year everyone, with hopes to a great year to come!!