Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Amazing Art Dolls!!

Aren't these art dolls beautiful!!!! AH, I just love amazing work of art such as this!!!

Moving Forward after mid Feb

  We will resume looking for a building come after mid February. I was reminded by a nice lady that the planets are not lined up right till after the 3rd of February to do any business. Business dealings will fail that is put together right now, and after that, we have other things going on that will be hard to work through. So After the mid of February, we will be looking again. Till then, I will be taking care of some personal matters as well as working with spirit dolls and spirited items. We will also be going through some things that we have for the gallery now and putting together inventory. Always staying busy, and always moving forward despite the hiccups we run into.... With every hiccup, we simply take another turn and keep moving..... Lead Creatures Gallery is on its way up, and I love the fact that there are so many people watching, waiting, and looking forward to the beginning!!

Signing out, Stefanie Lynn

Bart the cat crawls out of his grave!!

Bart the cat hit by a car, buried, and 5 days later crawled out of his grave... So crazy, huh??

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Who owns Lead Creatures? Dear Ashby House!!

  I have recently found that it has been claimed that my gallery is owned by myself and a partnership with a friend. However, this is not true. Lead Creatures is legally owned by myself, my husband, and my son. My 2 daughters can claim to owning as well as they are apart of it. Anyone else that helps, is strictly employee, whether I am paying them out right, or trading for their services. This gallery has no partnership, it is only family owned, and run by me.

  I have poured everything that I have into this gallery. I intend to see it rise up and be great. If there is any question to who owns and or operates this, please look into contacts and get a hold of me. Thank you very much.

  Also I am sorry that Ashby House had to endure what they had. I myself have had to stay in a homeless shelter once, and that shelter was very unkind and takes full advantage of people. Even accusing people of things they had not done as an excuse to treat them unfairly. If they (all christian unit) find that you do not share their religion, they are that much more hateful and will put you in really bad situations. Because of this, I was ready to jump on any other that seemed to be in the same attitude and unfair treatment. As I do make strong stands against the mistreatment of people and animals. It only took one person to accuse things of Ashby House of unfair treatment, that I would be on the soap box. Tired of seeing people who just need a chance being walked on. Its better to say you are sorry, rather then to lay down because you don't care.

  Because of that, I jumped to the wrong conclusion, and I am sorry for that. I hope that you will accept my apology, and would like to learn more about you and the true way that you run the Ashby House. I would like to take in donations for Ashby House and know what I can do to help. We are not here to hurt anyone. We are here to help and to stand for those who can not stand for themselves.

  We were very happy to add Amanda to our gallery. However, she has had some things come up that is going to take her away from this path. So she will not be joining us after all. Hopefully we will find someone who would fit in well with us, and if it takes some time, that's okay. We will continue to move forward.

  Thank you for everyone's understanding that we will be opening later then expected... But open we still shall do this year. Am excited to get to know the people that will frequent the gallery, as well as thoughs that will frequent the RC shop.

Signing out, Stefanie Lynn

Thursday, January 22, 2015

moving slowly, but surely.... you know....

  Hitting hiccups along the way but moving forward slowly is still moving forward.

  What feels like a set back, is the fact that we have had to make the choice to rent space for the shops. As this is more expensive then making payments, we may be in a rather small space. But it will still be a well put together store. Both the gallery AND the RC store will possibly be pushed together, but we will make this work. Then in a year or so, we will look for a space for sale again, and we hope that by that time, you will be a wonderful customer that we have gotten to know.

  The bitter sweet about all this is that with renting, instead of buying, there is that chance we could be back on schedule and be able to open up on time..... All in all, we WILL open this year... And if we can open Marchish as originally planned, well... how awesome is that!!!

Signing out with lots of work to do....... Stefanie Lynn

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Please keep a look out for Jennifer Ann Mills!!

Thank you to everyone that kept an eye out... She has been found!!

Working hard to make this happen.....

Looking at building, after building, after building... Working with spirit dolls... Looking at other spirit items... Bringing in artists, getting in their work, hoping they are still waiting for me to open my gallery. Working so hard on fitting everything together.... Making all these ends come together and make the greatest gallery ever!! I am working so hard everyday putting together the greatest gallery that ever lived. Bringing together the most diverse people, and suppor...ting their most treasured thoughts and loves. I am working to bring together a gallery of magic that tickles your tows, warms your hearts, and scares the you know what out of you if you vencher to the right room. I am working so hard.... And I am certain to make this happen... Thank you to everyone who follow's, and welcome to thoughs who are just finding me. A one of a kind gallery where the dead AND the living are welcome..... Yes, its still coming together... Greatness takes a while to grow....