Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Looking for artists, tables, and ideas....

  So right now, I am looking for the things that I will need in my shop. See, I don't want a normal every day average gallery. I want something that supports local artists. Artists of all kinds. Those who draw, paint, sculpt, pottery, knitting, quilt makers, and so much more. Also I will be looking for things that are unusual and hard to find. Even if its old. The kind of things that you didn't know you wanted till you saw it... I want to have other arts as well. Tarot, crystals, things like that. Tarot is an art to learn. 3 years into reading them myself, and I still have a lot to learn.... Crystal healing, and the use of them is also an art. I want to support arts that are true art. I want to have the type of things that are hard to find in this area. I am fully aware of how people look at things like voodoo dolls. But that's only because they watch to much tv. These dolls are meant to bring good wealth, good health, and love. Anything out there can be used for bad. But when 99% of a usage is used for good.... You have to realize, that to much tv does hurt and distort the minds education. I do know that other stores in the area (though, few of them) do sell small trinkets of them, and people like them. So I would like to offer a little larger and very pretty. The ones that you just look at and see so much art and time into them. I would like to get witch balls, as I see no one here has them. These are glass balls that are very pretty to hang in your windows. Preferably in east windows, but any will do. They trap the negative energy, and any bad spirits. Bad energy and spirits are attracted to its beauty and gets trapped inside where there is a web of glass strings that they can't get out of, thus leaving only good energy in your environment. Glass art is beautiful in itself, who wouldn't want one in their window?

  There are some other arts I am looking into. But am still figuring it out. But for now, I am looking as to how I can get these artist to put some art in my store for opening. After that, hopefully other artists will find me. I am also trying to figure out how to order the other arts that I will want to supply. And am keeping my eye out now for the things I can get my hands on, and save for the opening. I have a few items now. In addition, I am also looking for old tables, dressers, and what have you to nicely display art on. It can be in bad condition, and that's okay, cause I can make it look nice. It all has to be about hip high or taller cause I want all the art in my store (as I will have other peoples art to display as well) to be a little above tiny hands.

  I am also looking for ideas of things that people look for but is very hard to find. Like spiritual items, such as Buddhist items or Jewish items or any other belief out there that just has a hard time finding what they would like. But I have to hear from people to know what it is that they would like to find in my store.

  Yes its a gallery. Its about art. But art comes in many forms and I want to touch every part of it. Even the spiritual side of it. I don't want to carry anything that you can just go somewhere else and compare prices. I want one of a kind items that make you want to come in just see what I found next.

  So these are the things that I am looking into. If you are a local artist, or even a Kansas artist, and you would like to put your art in my store to open it up with, please contact me. I also have a few names that I intend on contacting as well. I have high hopes and I really think this will work.

          So ending this post with great hopes, signing off, Stefanie Lynn

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Family vs Partners

  So we had a coming to, for the three of us. Talking about the important, make or break subjects of running, not just one store, but two together. And all the while, 2 of us holding jobs as well too. Its one thing to be a family, but quite another to be partners. And out of the ball park to be family who's partners. Our challenge right now is to figure out how to be partners.... Successful ones.....

  I'm sure most have seen Chef Ramsey at work, making some of the worst restaurants into the place to be.... I have noticed that many of them are families who couldn't figure out how to be partners. And because of that, their business took a hit for the worst. In a sence, Chef Ramsey becomes Counselor Ramsey in order for true steps to be made in many of his shows. I take that as advise. Learn how to be partners and run your store as partners in order to make a good go of it.

   How to be able to look at each other as partners when needed to, that's the question to be asked. And what are the differences in that? Well, we are learning. So I don't fully have an answer on that just yet, but I feel that we are feeling our way around the beginnings of figuring it out.

   So far, I say trust and confidence. In the very beginning, you must figure out how to have trust and confidence in each person to fully do their job as needed. Because no one can do it all by themselves. Right now, we are deviding up the jobs, and having to trust that everyone can do what they need to do. Its easy to want to control it all. But I have seen on Chef Ramsey's shows what happens when one person takes on the whole load. Its also important to not leave someone more then their share. You have to make yourself trustworthy.

  Right now.... its like we are all finding our seats and figuring out what those seats entail. Its all new to us, and its a little scary, exciting, full of hopes, and brings on a lot of fears. A roller coaster of emotions. But we are all grabbing onto each other, holding on tight, and getting ready for this ride.

  We still don't have a name for our RC, Hobbies, and Events store. We have thought of quite a few. But none that we like. I'm sure that something will come along. Soon I hope.

  Well, signing out, Stefanie Lynn

Sunday, August 24, 2014

I got an I'm sorry..... I think...

  After last nights post, I got some, I'm sorry gummy worms. Or... I think it was I'm sorry gummy worms... He got upset that I wrote it.... Then called me a liar.... He just didn't want to admit that he hurt me I think. I saw him rereading it again.... I pretended to not notice,  I think he realized how much it really did hurt me cause right away he wanted to get me a drink.... but I wanted none of it.... I told him, I just want to eat some worms. So he got me one of my weaknesses...... GUMMY WORMS!! Though..... he didn't really SAY he was sorry. He just said that I mean a lot to him. So I assume that in man language that would have been I'm sorry. Though it would have been nice to hear it out right. Though the yumminess of being able to just indulge myself into eating worms when I'm upset at everyone else really did make me feel better. Though its still a subject that I'm not happy with.... I almost forgave him today... or.. maybe I did..... But he's still in trouble.

  As for my son, he needs to learn to be way more sensitive to a womans feelings. Cause if he doesn't learn that talent, I fear he may never give me grandbabies..... Sometimes..... I have nightmares about this....

  In the end.... I have had a lot of experiences to have a chance to understand books and to understand what makes a business move forward..... A smart man would take advantage of this.....

           Signing out, Stefanie Lynn

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Fight for Positions

  Right now, I am having to fight for my position. There are 3 parts that can make or brake these stores. Any part of it can, but these are 3 parts that must be devided among us 3. Kaleb, Mike, and myself. This was my idea. About 2 years ago, I came up with this. But it was with the idea that by now, we would be in Washington State. Upon coming to Salina, and figuring that we may be here instead, it was again my idea that we do this here, instead of waiting for what may never come. After losing hope for a while, because of actions that were made..... I now was the one who found the building that we like is up for sale. I revisited the fact that my idea, that was my dream, just may come along after all. This was MY baby. MY dream, that I was willing to share with 2 other people, but it seems that they are trying to take this from me.

  The 3 parts are..... Management of trails and events... Advertisement and Donations... Books... Easy right?? Well you would think. See, in most cases, a business takes the strengths of each partner, and assign a part to that person. Thus being in this case, Mike should be in management of trails and events, Kaleb should be in advertisement and donations, and I should be sitting at home with the books. But in this one. Here I am, the one who thought of this baby, found a home for this baby, shared MY dream..... To be told that they will take their parts........ But I am to not have mine. They want to do my part themselves, or pay someone else to do books. Money out of the stores right from the beginning. That is how badly they want to take my baby for themselves and leave me with no part in it other then to draw and sit behind a desk on my side of the store. I am being kicked out of my own idea, my store, my part, my baby..... But I can't allow this to happen.

  I have a feeling that they will fight this with me. Its likely a fight I won't win. So this is my decision..... I won't let them steal from me. Its not fair, and it makes me very heavy at heart. They will not let me be apart of this. I know it. So as angry as it will make them.... I am going to not allow them to put their name on my side of the business, and I do not want mine on theirs. They do not understand how a business works. They refuse to understand. And there for, I don't see them doing well for that reason. Something will get jumbled, something will be forgotten, something will get done twice without anyone assigned to a job, and truly being trusted with it. No business can function like this. At least not well. I however, will do what ever is needed to make success for my side. I am willing to run it the way it should be. I don't get to have anyone partner with me, so that means I am stuck doing everything myself. But at least I will be able to stand up and say, I did it... and I was not their puppet, robbed from me, my part in the business. I wish that this could be a 3 way partnership. I wish it could be a family business. But they just will not let it be.

  I am feeling a little heart broken that it isn't the way I thought it would be. And its painful that my family continues to be at odds, instead of learning how to be a working unit together. I wanted so much for us to work together, but I am having to make a choice to be robbed what is rightfully my position, or to continue on my own. I am at this moment, forced to continue on my own. That is unless my family has a change of heart and decides that I deserve a position as much as they do..... if not more, as it wouldn't even be going up at all, or even be a thought in anyones mind without me. I'm scared.... I'm sad.... But I will continue...... And I will not be pushed out. I WILL FIGHT for my right to my baby that is here because I thought her up. MY dream. Even if my family demands that I do not take part..... I will.

      Painful and sad at the refusal of others to share my baby with me,
                signing out, Stefanie Lynn

Friday, August 22, 2014

First Class

  Yesterday, myself, Mike and Kaleb all went to our first class. Its hard to not feel overwhelmed, but also excited. A lot of questions were answered and a lot of information given. We had a pretty good idea of how this should be run and how to start up, and now its one more step beyond a pretty good idea.

  Having the hopes for these stores and feeling like they are so close and so far away at the same time makes a brain go in circles. The ups and downs are more frequent as we learn more about how to start up. With the 3 of us, I'm hoping that we can pull on everyones strengths and make this work.

  As I work on my art, and it just seems to quickly go forward with leaps and bounds, as I add paint to the art I do..... I feel that it should become successful. I already have some local artist who are interested in putting their art in my store for the start up when it opens. And I feel that more will ask for their art to be displayed after it opens as well. Having a vender helps my own art, and who knows, maybe he will keep his eye open on other art I display to see if he can vend other artist as well. That would be a nice mix, now wouldn't it ;)

  So I leave this post with high hopes, fingers crossed, and a lot of work left to be done. Thank you for reading, and I hope you come back for more......

              Signing off, Stefanie Lynn

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

a childs unicorn!!

  I love drawing for children. It just really makes my heart happy. So when a friends daughter asked for a unicorn, I put it on my top priority list. I painted on a slate, and then drew on that.

  This is not a very good pic, as my camera is now missing, I am relying on the computer camera to take for me until I can get another one. And that will take a little bit before that will happen..... I can't wait to hand it over. All I have to do now is put a clear coat o it, and its done....

Looking up!!

  I know I have not been here, and for that I am sorry. My confidence had taken a huge hit and it just made it hard to keep up. I have a vender that will be traveling with my art. We are also getting a store up on its legs. We are taking some classes that will help us with it, our first is tomorrow. Lighting candles and crossing fingers, I am holding my breath.

  My son, my husband and I are working hard to make sure the store happens and am looking forward to meeting people that have an interest in the same area. I would also like to sell other arts as well. Our store will be split as Mike and Kaleb will run an RC, hobbies and events store on the other side. We have been coming up with race track ideas for it and I think it will become a great thing all together. Keep watching, keep reading, I will keep you updated!!